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STM (Sacred Touch Melbourne) Health & Wellness – ‘the home of Sacred Touch’– is Melbourne’s newest premier healing and workshop space catering to busy professionals and curious explorers.

Perfectly accessible, housed in a beautiful heritage listed property opposite the Botanic Gardens in South Yarra (address provided upon booking), STM offers a range of premium products, workshops, coaching and services to provide education, health, healing, transformation and empowerment; from the Bedroom, to the Boardroom and Beyond!


STM Sacred Touch Tantra services all include a coaching/ education component, and are designed specifically to empower you with ancient Tantric tools and techniques that have been proven and used for centuries; to heighten states of sensual energy (Eros), arousal, clarity and pleasure in the body.

These ancient Tantric principals are taught by STM as Neo-Tantra (modern day Tantra).

Each session can be personalised to cater to your individual intention, needs, curiosity or desire.

We offer elements to be explored in terms of, but not limited to the following sessions:

The Vagina or Yoni (a Sanskrit word for ‘sacred temple’) is the positive pole of the Feminine: the ‘Portal to the Divine’… aka the Golden Gates of the Feminine. 

She is the doorway to unlock all creativity and inspiration.

Through a combination of loving touch, guided meditation, breath work, energetic release and Tantric practise our STM practitioner will navigate your journey to allow your body to gently release any trauma or armour the Yoni might hold. By bringing conscious loving awareness to different parts of both the internal and external structures of the Vulva known as ‘Yoni mapping’, you can lovingly shine a light on, allow to feel and then let go anything which is ready to be healed and no longer serves you stored in your cellular body.

This session is highly recommended for any woman experiencing vulvodynia (painful sex) or struggling with vaginismus (a contraction, likened to a panic-attack) of the pelvic floor.

A quick chat before the session commences, will give you the opportunity to inform your STM practitioner of your intentions, boundaries and comfort zones. 

To give yourself the gift of a Yoni worship as a vulva owner is deeply nourishing, healing, liberating, relaxing and reinvigorating.

The Penis or Lingam (a Sanskrit word for ‘wand of light’) is the positive pole of the Masculine.
Through a combination of loving touch, guided meditation, breath work, energetic release and Tantric practise our STM practitioner will navigate your journey to allow your body to completely relax as you are guided to build sexual energy in the genitals and learn to move this energy up towards the heart.

This allows for new heightened states of arousal and pleasure to be reached consistently again and again without the need to ejaculate as you learn to maintain and expand your pleasure and experience internal full body orgasm (or implosion)!
A quick chat before the session commences, will give you the opportunity to inform your STM practitioner of your intentions, boundaries and comfort zones.  

Becoming the master of one’s body and pleasure – working with both the sex and the heart – awakens a man’s KING essence and is highly magnetic and attractive to the opposite sex.

Learn tools and skills to overcome erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation drug free that make you a multi-orgasmic man and lover. YES please!!!

To give yourself the gift of a Lingam worship is deeply empowering, healing, satiating relaxing and reinvigorating.

Blindfolded to heighten the anticipation and arousal – learn what turns your body on!?

Allow your STM practitioner to be your personal guide and map the pleasure centres of your body.

Experience a smorgasbord of varying types of touch and elements of sound, taste and some curious surprises to titillate and tantalise you into bliss.
This can be highly erotic as the intensity and pleasure build as you are none the wiser as to what type of touch or element comes next?!

Using the core principals of Tantra: intention, breath, sound and movement to heighten your awareness and experience; this is a beautiful addition to any session or make it a session all on its own. Go deep. Know yourself more intimately!

A beautiful session for HIM, HER and THEM!!!

(Facilitated for you – OR You can learn to give to STM Practitioner)

The feet house every organ in the body (think acupressure massage) so when they are loved on we are taking your entire body on a journey.

A deeply devotional practice and ritualistic session this is one session that can be both a giving, or receiving experience.
The STM practitioner gives to you.

OR you can choose to make the session a gift to them.
You will be held and guided through the session with Tantric principals, ideas and offerings to help educate and empower you either way.

Speak to us on booking to enquire about adding to your Sacred Touch Tantra Body work session:

  • Anal De-armouring
  • Tantra kink
  • Scarf tie and tease


  • 1 on 1, Breakthrough COACHING to fast track your results in Life, Love & Business with STM Director Ella Hall.

  • FOR THEM: You can book a – Tantra Training for Beginners Workshop (Individual couple OR Group  – up to 6 couples)

  • (FOR HER) –  The Platinum Woman – PLEASURE SESSIONS

60 mins $350

Includes: Education
Sensual Body work
Lingam / Yoni Worship

90 mins $450

Includes: Education
Sensual Body work
Lingam / Yoni Worship

2 hrs $550

Includes: Education
Sensual Body work
Lingam / Yoni Worship


For those wanting to achieve their personal goals and experience major shifts more rapidly in their life, love or business; coaching is available.

Ella Hall, Director at STM, is a qualified master Life Coach and Pleasure Power expert with over 20 years in the personal development, coaching industry and 10 years working in the realm of Tantra, relationships, sacred sexuality and sexual empowerment.

At STM we can build a series of sessions with a combination of both coaching (talking only) and Sacred Touch Tantra (practical body work) sessions to support you.

You can learn more about working with Ella here: www.tantraella.com

Want to dip your toe in the water? Book a 15min Clarity Breakthrough Coaching Session with Ella now.



The goal is, there is no goal!
At STM we are of the firm belief that each one of us has the right to an empowered CHOICE, though it is our job as practitioners to educate and empower the client so they can be certain they are making the best choice for them in that session on the day.

Sessions are an opportunity to try something new.

The friction based ejaculation is only one flavour of orgasm. We are offing the rainbow of experiences and the empowerment to become multi-orgasmic learning to implode.

Trust, you will know what feels right for you on the day.

It depends on the session.
In a Coaching (talk only session) the practitioner is fully clothed.
In a Sacred Touch Tantra session the STM practitioner will be wearing a sarong/ dress that she will remove when working with the body and oil, this is for her own comfort and for greater skin to skin connection – she will never remove her underwear.

At STM we are a health and wellness facility offering a high level of education, embodied practice and empowerment. Sessions are delivered in pristine integrity at all times and all sessions are teaching tools to help you grow and evolve. Unless the practitioner guides you personally in a ‘giving’ experience as part of the session there is no giving to them. None of our practitioners are ‘sex workers’ or offer any kind of sexual favours. Please see our client/ services agreement.

We have shower facilities here. Having a shower before each session is a compulsory part of the service. The shower time is built into every session.
It is your option to take a shower before you leave, after your session.

STM uses top quality ‘cold pressed’ Grape Seed Oil for all Sacred Touch Tantra / Bodywork sessions.
At times some high grade doTERRA oils can be used in sensory offerings as part of sensory activation (smell).
Latex gloves are worn by STM practitioners.
If you have any known allergies to latex or any type of scent/ oil please let us know on booking and we will be happy to cater to your needs/ requirements on the day. 

Sessions take place in a beautiful, warm, quiet and private heritage listed property (15mins from Melbourne City centre) conveniently located opposite the beautiful Botanical Gardens in South Yarra.
(Address supplied upon confirmation of booking).

Sessions can range from 1.5 to 3hrs, but are typically 1.5hrs and 2hrs in length.

Sessions are available from Monday to Friday between 7am to 7.00pm.
Saturday from 8am to 3pm.
It is possible to arrange bookings outside these times if requested in advance.
STM will attempt to accommodate as best we can. 

There are free 2-3 hour parking spaces around the area/ surrounding streets and paid parking at the  Botanical Gardens.
Please arrive early to ensure you get a park and are ON TIME (not early) to sessions.

Workshops & training

Want a personalised learning experience for you and a partner?


Book a relaxed Sunday Session for up to 6 couples and  come and explore with a group of friends?

Reach out and let us know.
Express your interest in upcoming workshops and we can design the perfect experience catering to/ for you.

Please email us here

Tantra Trainings hosted and facilitated by STM Director: Ella Hall (TantraElla) Leading Clarity. Breakthrough Success Coach & Pleasure Power Expert – learn more: www.tantraella.co


This is where women can gather in a safe space and explore a their sexuality, health, awakening pleasure and how to overcome the things that get in the way/ hold us back from owning and exploring our BIRTHRIGHT as women.

To claim our Queendom and live as our inner SEX-GODDESS!!!

We will have occasional guest speakers and also take a curious look at what’s new on the market to support women in sexual activation and pleasure!


Max: 8 tickets available, book now to secure your space.

Evenings are hosted in person facilitated by STM Director: Ella Hall (TantraElla) Leading Clarity. Break though & Empowerment Coach & Pleasure Power Expert – learn more: www.tantraella.com